Fence with 500mm hot-dip galvanized blade barbed rope fence

The blade barbed rope fence is a safety protection barbed wire mesh used for border barrier, railway and highway isolation, community and rural zoning and epidemic prevention. It has the advantages of simple production and manufacturing, strong environmental applicability, easy rapid deployment and installation, and obvious isolation and protection effect. It is widely accepted and adopted by most large-scale engineering projects and civil organizations.
The main specifications and parameters of hot-dip galvanized blade barbed wire fence are as follows:
1. Blade: hot dip galvanized steel plate, plain zinc or high zinc, standard plate thickness 0.5mm, determined according to the design service life requirements.
2. Core wire: hot dip galvanized steel wire or iron wire, ordinary zinc wire or high zinc wire, with wire diameter ranging from 2.5mm to 3.0mm, which mainly affects the tensile strength of blade barbed rope, depending on the safety level of the service environment.
3. Stab model: bto-22. This model is a medium-sized stab, which is suitable for most occasions. It is a standard model adopted by the domestic engineering industry.
4. Ring diameter: 500mm (i.e. 50cm), which is the diameter of the cutter ring in the factory shrinkage state. After arriving at the construction site for tensile installation, the ring diameter will shrink slightly, and the degree of shrinkage is related to the installation spacing of the knife ring. The blade ring diameter can generally be customized in the range of 300mm-1500mm, and the installation spacing of the blade ring is usually designed as 200mm.
5. Number of buckles. The small circle diameter is fixed with three buckles, that is, it is evenly distributed at 120 degrees in the circumferential direction to form a snake belly type blade barbed rope rolling cage. For large ring diameter, such as 900mm, the number of buckles shall be increased to ensure reliable fixation. For example, the number of buckles shall be increased to 5.
6. The packaging method is drum with specified number of turns, bound with iron wire and wrapped with woven bag. The actual effective installation length of each roll is between 10m and 15m.
7. Installation method: the V-shaped support at the top of the enclosure is often used, and the Y-shaped steel column above the ground is erected. According to the effective design height requirements of blade barbed rope fence, multiple blade barbed rope loops can be used to cooperate with transverse tie bars to form a high-density three-dimensional safety protection barrier.

Post time: Sep-22-2021