• What are the advantages of iron fence?

    Advantages of iron fence: high strength and hardness. Nowadays, people often see all kinds of iron products in their life. I believe most people should know that when using such iron, you will find that its hardness and strength are very high. Whether it is hammered or broken by hand, it can not...
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  • What do you need to pay attention to when buying blade barbed rope fence?

    Blade barbed wire fence is a safety fence product specially used around the airport. Blade barbed wire fence is made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire or aluminum magnesium alloy wire by spray welding. The advantages of blade barbed wire fence are simple overall structure, convenient installa...
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  • Fence with 500mm hot-dip galvanized blade barbed rope fence

    The blade barbed rope fence is a safety protection barbed wire mesh used for border barrier, railway and highway isolation, community and rural zoning and epidemic prevention. It has the advantages of simple production and manufacturing, strong environmental applicability, easy rapid deployment a...
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  • Calculation method of installation and coverage length of barbed wire rolling cage

    How to calculate the covered length of the barbed wire cage? The following is the formula summarized by the technical department of our company, which can be roughly divided into two types as follows: 1. Algorithm for covering length of single-spiral barbed wire cage (generally customers do not r...
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  • Specifications of Barbed Wire Rolling Cage Column Support

    Barbed wire cage column support is made of 50x30mm barbed wire cage wall thickness 2mm Q235 rectangular steel pipe (or 50mmx50mmx4.5mm Q235 angle steel) and two Q235 steel plates with a width of 50mm, a thickness of 4.5mm, and a length of 246mm and 428mm respectively. The upper part of the rectan...
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  • Who decides the installation price of the barbed wire cage.

    Many customers have been confused about the installation price when purchasing barbed wire cages. Here are some suggestions for you. The most important thing for the installation of the barbed wire cage is based on the topography. There is absolutely a difference between the installation price of...
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