Calculation method of installation and coverage length of barbed wire rolling cage

How to calculate the covered length of the barbed wire cage? The following is the formula summarized by the technical department of our company, which can be roughly divided into two types as follows: 1. Algorithm for covering length of single-spiral barbed wire cage (generally customers do not require construction spacing, it will be calculated as 30cm, if the customer has requirements, then according to the requirements Calculate) the weight of the plate/the weight of a single piece per meter/3.14/the diameter of the roll *0.3 m = the length of coverage. For example: BTO-22 plate thickness 0.4mm, wire diameter 2.2mm, roll diameter 500mm, gross weight 10 kg, minus 0.3 kg of packaging, net weight 9.7 Kilogram of 9700g/67.55g/3.14/0.5*0.3m=27.4m2, the algorithm of double helix barbed wire rolling cage covering length For example: BTO-22 board thickness 0.4mm wire diameter 2.2mm coil diameter 500mm 3 buckle weight 10 First minus the weight of the package and the buckle 9448g/67.55g/3.14/0.5/2*0.3m=13.36m barbed wire rolling cage

Post time: Apr-07-2021